White hat SEO service, An explanation of what it is and why it is important?

While planning SEO of our website we always stumble upon a question of the strategy we should follow to promote website for better SERPs (Search Engine Page Rank). These strategies or tactics are labeled in industry as White Hat, Gray Hat & Black Hat SEO tactics. To understand these SEO tactics, we need to know how Search Engines works and what their objective is.

Success of a search engines is primarily based on the relevancy of results presented to their users for a keyword search. If the results are irrelevant, the purpose of using the search engine is lost and users will move on to other avenues. To keep the user’s trust in their services and to present the most relevant results to them, Search Engines keep on improving their criteria of organic search results. Search algorithms applied by the major Search Engines are evolving day by day and are more intelligent than ever before. Search Engines are also providing “Do’s & Don’ts” guidelines to web developers as to how to make their websites search engine friendly and User friendly at the same time. This all has created a distinction between what is “legal” or White Hat Strategy and what is “illegal” or Black Hat Strategy of SEO.
When the SEO of a website is done keeping the “Do’s” in mind, it’s White Hat SEO Strategy. White hat SEO is doing everything that is within the guidelines by search engines. Some of the basics techniques White Hat SEO is based on are: keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing relevant content for human readers. These optimization strategies, techniques and tactics are focused on a human audience and are in line with the search engine guidelines, rules and policies.

White Hat SEO’s importance can only be understood by understanding the Black Hat SEO and its disadvantages. Black Hat SEO is more or less like spamming and using non legitimate techniques with a sole objective of getting good SERPs, most of the Black Hat SEO done has no focus on human audience of website. For websites promoted by these techniques, there are good chances of losing the ranking or getting the website banned from respective search engines. Thus Black Hat can put you entirely out of business anytime.

A unique website with high-quality content is a must for White Hat SEO, when you build a quality website by focusing on the website’s audience, it is ought to get noticed and you find ways to promote your website which are legitimate and more effective. Using White hat SEO tactics are always advised when you are looking for long term returns on your investment and efforts on your website. Ethically done SEO ensures your website’s longevity and reputation. Legally done SEO bring more traffic and conversion in long term and sometimes even yield faster results.

White hat SEO demands creative and unique strategies and innovation. If you are thinking about your website’s SEO and not sure what would be the right strategy to follow and what the differences are, and how you can avoid your site being punished or blacklisted from search engines, White hat SEO tactics is the way to go. Arch Global Solutions is providing SEO services using creative and innovative white hat strategies to its clients. We are proud to be a White hat SEO service provider, we work for long term objectives in our mind and are our goal is to maximize you reach and to get your business more and more customers. You are welcome to reach us to know more about our White hat SEO Services and strategies.

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