What to look for when selecting an outsourcing partner

Outsourcing is an indispensable part of any business strategy today, from manufacturing to back office and other things in between, outsourced goods, services and solutions are helping business run smoothly. Outsourcing has offered business increased efficiencies and economies of scale. More and more businesses are outsourcing tasks these days because technology has advanced to the point where professionals services can be delivered from anywhere in the world, coupled with the availability qualified professionals.

When planning outsourcing our tasks, the success of the whole operation depends on the outsourcing partner you are choosing. The key to identifying the right provider is to know exactly what you want to outsource, once you know what all you need to get done, your expectations are set, you can better filter among the prospective providers.

Primary criteria for choosing an outsourcing partner should be the quality of work and savings on cost and time. Our outsourcing partner should possess all the critical skills, processes, and capabilities to perform the tasks in the same manner as they are performed in house. Their team should include Subject Matter Experts and should be able to scale up. They should have the necessary experience and good workforce, Their Quality Assurance team should be in sync with the quality parameters, and they should have good leaders, managers and trainers to manage their operations and teams. Their training processes and facilities should be good as this will ensure quality work. Their management and scalability will allow their clients volume flexibility, quality teams will keep quality in line, and training team will ensure stability and capability. Such outsourcing partners can keep doing the work smoothly and help business concentrate on their core business.

If your offshore team possesses all these characteristics, you will reap the benefits of savings on costs, time and efforts soon. Outsourcing companies with such qualities, over the time reduce their costs and improve their quality of work, thus benefiting their client.

Integrity and data security is also a major factor when choosing an outsourcing partner, a well-defined non-disclosure agreement between the client and provider will set the expectations on data security clearly. Your outsourcing partner should be educated about, should have awareness of and should be following one of various data security procedures and protocols, such as paper less and gadget less environment and clean desk policy to stop any data theft.

A proven track record of delivering the services helps in making decision about the provider, if the provider is dealing with multiple clients, one can check with their existing clients about their capabilities and skills. If your outsourcing provider has good client base, they are more likely to keep working with you in long term and thus save you from the hassle of hiring new providers.

There is a learning curve for the client and the provider when the outsourcing operations are commenced, the provider has to learn about the process and tasks outsourced and the client has to learn what they want to outsource and how they can outsource. Over the time both client and provider learn from each other’s experience and benefit each other by sharing their process knowledge and project management expertise.

Arch global solutions has a proven track record of offering great outsourcing solutions and services, we at AGS offer our clients our process knowledge, our project management expertise and our experience for creating and managing an outsourcing solution which help them getting things done.

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