What is Social Media Optimization and its Importance?

With more and more people signing up on the big three social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and other niche social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr, social media is a go to place to get audience for marketing and promotional campaigns for businesses. With the advent of and popularity of new social media platforms, it is hard to ignore them as highly effective marketing tools.

Customers today are not just customers; they are much more than that, they are friends, associates, fans, critics, followers and lovers of your business. Thus as a business you need to recognize and connect with them as a friend, associate and fans. Strong and active social media presence is the only way you can do that. Social media optimization of your social profile allows you to connect with your customers and target audience with minimal effort and maximum results.

SMO or Social media optimization works on a principal of engaging customers and audience, giving them a feeling of being connected. A great fan following is the key to success for any brand, a good social media marketer keeps the audience interested and increase brand recognition and following. Social media optimized profiles are designed with content which is unique, interesting, innovative and informal. Fresh content like well-taken photos, professionally made videos and well-written blogs are posted in order to let people consume and share this content over and over again. Getting your audience genuinely interested, triggers a chain reaction which keeps bringing more and more hits to your social profile. SMO professionals design engaging and interesting social media campaigns, keeping their target audience in mind and convert audience into leads and leads into customers.

Participation in social media helps not only in promoting your brand and generate following but it also helps in increasing search engine ranking for your keywords, as social media participation is a major factor in the ranking algorithm for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The best part of social media marketing is the compatibility and openness these platforms offer, you can start an activity on Facebook or Google+ and tweet about it on twitter, you can post a video on YouTube and share it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social media also provides an alternative channel to communicate with your customers which is informal and indirect but very effective, a post on Facebook by a customer about bad experience can never go unnoticed and in the same way a tweet about great experience on customer service by a customer can bring many more. Your social profile has the power to bring or take away many potential customers.

It is no secret, and we are always advised, that, to increase our brand presence, we need to be active on as many as social media websites possible, having said that we certainly don’t need to be present on each and every social media platforms, but it is also true that without a dedicated team for social media campaigns, it is highly unproductive, time consuming and extremely difficult to maintain active presence on even fewer platforms.

If you want the most relevant audience and the best potential results, it’s important to engage someone who can design and execute an out of the box SMO strategy and can run a successful social media campaign for you.

Arch Global Solutions offer social media optimization solution and strategies which are innovative and out of the box. With a team of experienced SMO & SEO professionals, audio visual content creators, and writers, AGS is more than capable to provide you with all you Social Media Optimization needs, please feel free to reach us to plan a Social media strategy which will work for you.


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