Web Mining Services

web mining services
AGS, a leading USA based BPO, is proud to offer our powerful Web Mining, Text Mining, Data Mining Services. AGS puts useful information at your fingertips.

AGS’ web mining service is a powerful tool used by many businesses to gain access to large amounts of valuable information spread out over the internet. Organizations use this information to become better informed on matters relating to their business, increase market share, as well as to gain information for marketing campaigns.

Information equals revenue, but it can be a daunting task to try and gather the information you need and format it into a usable form you can use now. AGS’ industry leading web mining tools, software and the highly trained team can perform the data extraction you need and present it to you in a usable format quickly, accurately and within your budget.

With the highest accuracy rate in the industry, AGS’ data extraction service will collect the content you need from your targeted web pages. The information is then delivered back to you in a usable format of your choice (Excel, CSV, Text, Access, etc.)

Our Data Mining Services can collect:

  • Information from competitor websites
  • Products and reviews
  • Data about investments, investors and funds
  • Data from blogs and forums
  • Information such as new purchasers of homes and property
  • Information to create new marketing and sales list
  • Meta data from websites
  • And more

Please contact us today about our Web Mining, Text Mining, Data Mining Services. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.