Voice Transcription Services

We are proud to launch our state-of-the-art Voice Transcription Service with an aim to cater a wide customer base with high quality voice transcription, transmission and storage services that are sure to create a difference in their respective fields. Our services encompass extensive areas, which include, but are not restricted to -

  • Medical transcriptions
  • Legal transcriptions
  • Corporate training sessions
  • Discussions
  • Speeches
  • Business meetings, seminars, and conferences
  • Interviews
  • University research and the list go on

We aspire to provide the best assistance to healthcare professionals and patients to make their conversations properly understanding and more effective. We help legal companies in recording verbal statements of witnesses and help businesses in the process of documenting meetings, seminars, conferences, and interviews more accurately. We help the researchers to make the most out of the seminars, speeches and research projects. In a word, we aim to cover every arena where technology driven high-end voice transcription can make a difference.

AGS has always been proud of its top notch high quality services, and with its newly launched transcription services the company targets to provide nothing less than the best in the industry. Apart from our exclusive voice transcription technology and infrastructure we also offer voice transmission and storage services in order to serve as one stop solution for transcription related needs of every organization or business.

The USP of our service lies in our ability to deal with a wide variety of file formats with the most efficient way. We own the technology to transcribe files from CDs, DVDs and other digital files such as AAC, AVI, DSS, mov, mp3, mp4, wav, and wma and so on. We also master the art of transcribing audio files into different formats such as doc, text or PDF.

Highest quality is the key feature of our service. We only hire highly skilled trained professionals and claim to have the best talents on the field with our team.  Our accomplished team of voice transcriptions works closely with clients to understand all aspects of the voice transcription requirements so that they can deliver the maximum output.  We follow a well- researched and time-tested process of quality check and verification to ensure that our customers get only the best work. Manual verification and re-verification at every step of the process makes the final product not only rich in quality but also perfect to fit exactly into the requirements. Our process of transcription has been proven to provide accuracy of 98% and above, so if you are looking for quality transcription service, you cannot have a better option than AGS.

To make the delivery process seamless and least time consuming, we engage a variety of electronic ways such as emails and transfer through secure FTP. We can also deliver you the transcripts loaded on a CD through manual or postal delivery.  We understand the value of time for our clients and make it a point to complete every assignment within 8 to 24 hours. Our services are inexpensive compared to the quality we provide, so if you have a transcription related need give a call to us today and we will help you with the best service.