Domestic & Offshore Data Entry Service

AGS is proud to be a leading BPO service provider. We help convert all types of burdensome paper documents into digital information you can use, simple and fast. All of our data entry services are specifically designed to make life easier and save you money.

We offer low cost data entry services by utilizing state of the art and time tested methods designed specifically to save you time and money. Whether you have paper documents or images, handwritten or typed forms we can accurately and quickly capture the data you need, all while offering you the best service and prices in the industry.

AGS can support any type of data processing projects you may have. Whether a small fast turnaround project or a large ongoing national promotion, we are here ready to help make it a success. We are able to complete your projects in our domestic facility, at one of our offshore data entry locations or directly into your existing online platform. We design our BPO services to meet your exact needs and budget.

Quality Control Process for Domestic & Offshore Data Entry Service

We are serious about the quality of work we return to you. AGS’ double check quality control process manually inspects the quality of your work twice, before we output it to you.

We offer the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Our accuracy rate for single key data entry services starts at 98.5%. Our key and verify accuracy rates reach up to 99.995%.

Please Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our quality guarantee. We do not just talk quality; we put it in writing and deliver!

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