Arch Global Solutions offers the very best data entry pricing in the industry. We believe in being open with our pricing model, so you can make an informed and educated decision. That is why we carefully work with you and your team, and take into consideration all aspects of your project’s unique specifications. Our sales team will work with you to help determine the exact requirements you have, thus insuring you are not charged for service you either do not need or desire.

Typical Pricing Factors:

  • Project scope
  • Accuracy level desired
  • Project volume
  • Turnaround time
  • Clerical time (if needed or desired)


With AGS you can be comfortable in knowing you will never be charged “hidden fees”. We never up charge freight or courier cost and delivery of data via email or access to our FTP site is always free. Our pricing will always be proposed clearly and up front.

Flexible pricing options are a sign of a trustworthy vendor. At AGS we offer two different approaches toward pricing. Depending on the specifications of your project and your budgeting needs, we can offer a fixed or per item model. Once all project information is shared we will provide you with a free project quote within 24 hours.

Firm/Fixed Price

This model works well when there are very specific and well defined project requirements, based on the above listed factors.

Per Item Pricing

Per item pricing is utilized when volume amounts are unknown and/or when multiple form types needing processing are present.

No matter which pricing model is used, you can be sure you are receiving the lowest pricing available. Please contact us today to discuss your project, and to receive a free project evaluation and proposal.