How Transcription Services work.

Transcription is the conversion of spoken words from audio/video format into human readable text in the same language. The most common type of transcription is of Spoken words into Text, this transcribed text is provided in either human readable form or Computer readable files, or both. Files are provided in a printable format and can be printed as a document.

Voice Transcription Services

Transcription services are mostly needed for business, legal, and medical purposes. A transcription service provider mostly serves clients such as Medical Practitioners, Physicians, law firms, courts, government agencies, trade associations, meeting planners and nonprofits. These entities need to document their day to day activities, and transcription is a powerful tool which enables them in documenting them, be it proceedings of a court hearing, or a physician’s recorded voice notes, or the recorded proceedings and speeches or spoken content of a conferences or an event or a seminar etc. In rare cases movies are also transcribed to enable translation, and subtitling, etc. when the scripts and dialogues documents are not available. The most common and widely used transcription service is Medical Transcription.

Transcription service provider converts recorded speech into a written or electronic text document. The recorded content is sent to the service provider as an audio or video file. The service provider process these files and use them as input and generate text output with the help of Voice recognition engine (VRE) software and transcription experts and deliver the output to the client. However, the transcription life cycle is more complex than just inputting sound files and getting text output, it involves various steps, processes and checks in order to generate quality output free from errors.

Transcription is not an easy task as the core of this process is recorded spoken words which tend to be an imperfect data source. Recordings are not always done in an ideal environment and can have lot of background noise and other quality issues. Every human is unique, and has a unique voice, complemented by his unique style of speaking. And then we have different accents, and different pace of speaking.
Transcription software till today are not advance enough that they can give an error free outputs accounting all these imperfections in the sound file, thus the sound file need to be worked and the sound is filtered, equalized and the tempo is adjusted to get clarity. Even after neutralizing the sound file, the VRE software cannot guarantee an error free output and thus need proof reading. This proof reading of output is done by subject matter experts. These experts go through the speech and proof read the output and correct the errors. In theory this output is now error free, however this is still audited by a second look team before being delivered to client.

Sometimes, there are recordings which VREs cannot process and are beyond their limitations of intelligence; these recordings needed to be transcribed manually. Transcription experts process these recordings manually and are audited by second look team before being delivered to client.

Transcription help business and individuals untangle and simplify their record-keeping. Thus give them a boost in overall productivity and help preventing mistakes and ensure accuracy in day to day tasks.

Arch Global Solutions provide Transcription Services in various industry verticals with special focus to Medical Transcription Services. With our talent pool of native speakers and our offshore capabilities, our clients are given great results on their Transcription projects with us. Please feel free to reach us with your detailed requirement of Transcription services and we will get back with a perfect solution for you.

What is the difference between Data Conversion and Data Processing?

Data Conversion Data Processing

Our lives today are driven by the information we have and how we use it, we need information and information processing tools to lead our daily lives, to run our businesses, to run our society. Access to desired information was never this easy.

Data when processed gets converted into Information, this information when analyzed becomes Knowledge, and Knowledge brings Wisdom. Thus to bring us wisdom, we need to process data. And With ever evolving technology, we are processing way more data than we have processed ever, and converting it into information.

The terms “Data Conversion” and “Data Processing” are widely used and are used interchangeably and often as synonyms, general thinking is that these two are interchangeable, however these two are very different approaches when dealing with data, and are two different indispensable parts of a bigger term “Information Processing”.

Data processing as we discussed earlier is converting data into information. Data processing mostly involves performing various operations on data sets and converting them into useful information. These operations could be arithmetic, statistical or logical operations. Data is processed in various ways as well, conventionally it can be processed manually – by humans, or mechanically – by making use of machines, or electronically – by computers & software or through any combination of these three approaches.

Data processing may involve various processes, including but not limited to:

  • Validation – Ensuring that data is clean, correct and useful
  • Sorting – Arranging items in sequence and/or in different sets
  • Summarization – Reducing detail data to its main points
  • Aggregation – Combining multiple pieces of data
  • Analysis –Collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data
  • Reporting – List detail or summary data or computed information
  • Classification – Separation of data into various categories

Whereas Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format. Data conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Data conversions may be as simple as the conversion of a text file from one character encoding system to another; or more complex, such as the conversion of office file formats, or the conversion of image and audio file formats.

Data conversion is technical process of changing the bits contained in the data from one format to another format for purpose of interoperability between computers. This can be done by using software and programs, such as special conversion programs, or through a complex process of going through intermediary stages, or through complex “exporting” and “importing” procedures, which involve converting to and from differently formatted files, for example converting to and from a tab-delimited or comma-separated text file.

Data conversion is a difficult and painstaking process and involves lot of decision making and process routines. While converting data it’s easy to discard information, however it is difficult to add information. Adding information is not just simply padding bits but it involves human judgment. When the data is converted and made feature rich, this cannot be done by just adding data, this can only be done by involving human intelligence and judgement. Also to make sure that the converted data is correct and free from error, human intervention is necessary.

Thus Data processing and Data conversion are two different approaches to deal with data while converting it into useful information, Arch Global Solutions offer precise and high quality Data Processing and Data conversion services to its clients. To know in detail about our services, please contact us or visit our website,

What to look for when selecting an outsourcing partner

Outsourcing is an indispensable part of any business strategy today, from manufacturing to back office and other things in between, outsourced goods, services and solutions are helping business run smoothly. Outsourcing has offered business increased efficiencies and economies of scale. More and more businesses are outsourcing tasks these days because technology has advanced to the point where professionals services can be delivered from anywhere in the world, coupled with the availability qualified professionals.

When planning outsourcing our tasks, the success of the whole operation depends on the outsourcing partner you are choosing. The key to identifying the right provider is to know exactly what you want to outsource, once you know what all you need to get done, your expectations are set, you can better filter among the prospective providers.

Primary criteria for choosing an outsourcing partner should be the quality of work and savings on cost and time. Our outsourcing partner should possess all the critical skills, processes, and capabilities to perform the tasks in the same manner as they are performed in house. Their team should include Subject Matter Experts and should be able to scale up. They should have the necessary experience and good workforce, Their Quality Assurance team should be in sync with the quality parameters, and they should have good leaders, managers and trainers to manage their operations and teams. Their training processes and facilities should be good as this will ensure quality work. Their management and scalability will allow their clients volume flexibility, quality teams will keep quality in line, and training team will ensure stability and capability. Such outsourcing partners can keep doing the work smoothly and help business concentrate on their core business.

If your offshore team possesses all these characteristics, you will reap the benefits of savings on costs, time and efforts soon. Outsourcing companies with such qualities, over the time reduce their costs and improve their quality of work, thus benefiting their client.

Integrity and data security is also a major factor when choosing an outsourcing partner, a well-defined non-disclosure agreement between the client and provider will set the expectations on data security clearly. Your outsourcing partner should be educated about, should have awareness of and should be following one of various data security procedures and protocols, such as paper less and gadget less environment and clean desk policy to stop any data theft.

A proven track record of delivering the services helps in making decision about the provider, if the provider is dealing with multiple clients, one can check with their existing clients about their capabilities and skills. If your outsourcing provider has good client base, they are more likely to keep working with you in long term and thus save you from the hassle of hiring new providers.

There is a learning curve for the client and the provider when the outsourcing operations are commenced, the provider has to learn about the process and tasks outsourced and the client has to learn what they want to outsource and how they can outsource. Over the time both client and provider learn from each other’s experience and benefit each other by sharing their process knowledge and project management expertise.

Arch global solutions has a proven track record of offering great outsourcing solutions and services, we at AGS offer our clients our process knowledge, our project management expertise and our experience for creating and managing an outsourcing solution which help them getting things done.

The Truth Behind The Negative Views Of Offshore Outsourcing

To take the benefits of cost savings associated with outsourcing, more and more businesses are considering outsourcing their core and non-core functions, such as IT Services, IT Infrastructure maintenance, Back Office functions, Data Entry, Data Processing, Customer Service, Software Development, Web development, Internet Marketing, Human Resource functions and Payroll Processing etc. Offshore service providers have reputation of performing outsourced functions with great efficiency, and at a very reasonable cost.

However offshore outsourcing has reputation of being a challenging task, and sometimes these challenges add to negative views about outsourcing. Some of these challenges faced while outsourcing work are:

• Choosing the right service provider
• Maintaining confidentiality of the sensitive data and information
• Control over outsourced operations, processes and functions
• Maintaining quality of services rendered

The negative thinking about offshore outsourcing is because of lack of vision and bad planning while outsourcing. Choosing the right service provider is itself a challenge. Lack of experience in outsourcing
operations and inability to address challenges are the reasons for negative views among businesses about offshore outsourcing. With right strategy and execution, and with presence of experienced service provider, offshore outsourcing is the way to go. When your service provider has vision and resources, and is offering services at reasonable costs, it is certain to have a positive outsourcing experience. If the service provider you are choosing is lacking vision, and is inexperienced, it is certain you will have a bad experience with your outsourced operations.

Outsourcing only fail when is done without proper planning, with planned study of the needs and goals of the organization, and with strategically aligning the tasks to be outsourced, companies can
successfully outsource their work and can create win-win situation for them and their customers. With the right strategy and right partner in place, companies can swiftly outsource services and can create
value for the business and their customers.

To avoid setbacks in outsourced operations, proper checks and policies can be put in place; your outsourcing service provider will be more than happy to put such check and policies in place as this will help them in creating credibility of their operations. With paperless policies and restricted access policies followed by outsourcing companies, one can be assured that their sensitive data is safe, maintaining regular communication with the outsourcing partner and creating a feedback system ensures the adherence to the workflow and helps in improving the overall quality of services rendered.

Outsourcing has its share of advantages and disadvantages, the many benefits that outsourcing brings far outweigh its disadvantages. With the presence of right partner, outsourcing can do wonders to organization when it comes to managing routine tasks and cost savings.

Arch Global Solutions is an experienced offshore outsourcing provider based in United States and with associate companies in almost all major outsourcing destinations. With its outsourcing expertise and
developed business processes and policies, Arch Global Solutions offer outsourcing solutions which simply work for their clients. Rely on Arch Global Solutions’ expertise when you need an outsourcing
partner for completing tasks in hand along with huge savings. For more understanding of our services and solutions please visit our website or reach us by email or phone.

White hat SEO service, An explanation of what it is and why it is important?

While planning SEO of our website we always stumble upon a question of the strategy we should follow to promote website for better SERPs (Search Engine Page Rank). These strategies or tactics are labeled in industry as White Hat, Gray Hat & Black Hat SEO tactics. To understand these SEO tactics, we need to know how Search Engines works and what their objective is.

Success of a search engines is primarily based on the relevancy of results presented to their users for a keyword search. If the results are irrelevant, the purpose of using the search engine is lost and users will move on to other avenues. To keep the user’s trust in their services and to present the most relevant results to them, Search Engines keep on improving their criteria of organic search results. Search algorithms applied by the major Search Engines are evolving day by day and are more intelligent than ever before. Search Engines are also providing “Do’s & Don’ts” guidelines to web developers as to how to make their websites search engine friendly and User friendly at the same time. This all has created a distinction between what is “legal” or White Hat Strategy and what is “illegal” or Black Hat Strategy of SEO.
When the SEO of a website is done keeping the “Do’s” in mind, it’s White Hat SEO Strategy. White hat SEO is doing everything that is within the guidelines by search engines. Some of the basics techniques White Hat SEO is based on are: keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing relevant content for human readers. These optimization strategies, techniques and tactics are focused on a human audience and are in line with the search engine guidelines, rules and policies.

White Hat SEO’s importance can only be understood by understanding the Black Hat SEO and its disadvantages. Black Hat SEO is more or less like spamming and using non legitimate techniques with a sole objective of getting good SERPs, most of the Black Hat SEO done has no focus on human audience of website. For websites promoted by these techniques, there are good chances of losing the ranking or getting the website banned from respective search engines. Thus Black Hat can put you entirely out of business anytime.

A unique website with high-quality content is a must for White Hat SEO, when you build a quality website by focusing on the website’s audience, it is ought to get noticed and you find ways to promote your website which are legitimate and more effective. Using White hat SEO tactics are always advised when you are looking for long term returns on your investment and efforts on your website. Ethically done SEO ensures your website’s longevity and reputation. Legally done SEO bring more traffic and conversion in long term and sometimes even yield faster results.

White hat SEO demands creative and unique strategies and innovation. If you are thinking about your website’s SEO and not sure what would be the right strategy to follow and what the differences are, and how you can avoid your site being punished or blacklisted from search engines, White hat SEO tactics is the way to go. Arch Global Solutions is providing SEO services using creative and innovative white hat strategies to its clients. We are proud to be a White hat SEO service provider, we work for long term objectives in our mind and are our goal is to maximize you reach and to get your business more and more customers. You are welcome to reach us to know more about our White hat SEO Services and strategies.

How PPC campaigns can help a company’s marketing efforts?

With ever changing algorithms for keyword search results and increasing competition for high ranking keywords in organic search rankings, it’s becoming more and more difficult to put your webpage among the top 10 organic search results. Generating favorable organic search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a good and advisable, however it takes lot of time and efforts to make it to the top in organic search results, so if you are in need of instant visibility among target audience, PPC campaigns are the only effective solution. Major Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo serve these PPC Advertisements to their users along with the organic search results, these ads are also served on the partner network of popular websites and blogs. The beauty of PPC campaigns is that they put you straight on the top from the very first day of your campaign.

Google offers their PPC advertisement service through “Google AdWords” and Yahoo and Microsoft offer PPC services through “Bing Ads”. PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns help in showcasing your website to target audience and getting traffic on your website, with more and more advanced tools provided by advertising networks one can customize and manage their ad campaigns based on their preference. Starting from choosing keywords, one can choose when to show advertisements (time), where to show them (locations) and who should see and who should not see them (negative keyword filtering). Ad impressions are based on daily budget and preferences; one can plan their campaign and budget and can make optimum use of it.

Businesses of any size can use PPC campaigns to increase their reach and penetration among internet users searching for their products and services, with right strategy and optimum use of options and tools provided in the Campaign control panel, business can tap opportunities which otherwise will be lost while waiting for the results of their efforts in organic marketing. PPC campaigns can do wonders if run along the SEO initiatives, together PPC and SEO is a combination which always works.

A Business can run both Text and Banner Ads through these PPC campaigns. Banner Ads are always helpful in creating brand recognition and can create a brand recall on any media, when these banner Ads are served through PPC campaigns, they create high brand recall value on very little cost. Recent studies in internet marketing trends showed that PPC advertising has a high recall value among internet users, though not every user click on the advertisements shown but they do see banner ads and thus creating a brand value among consumers.

Keyword bidding is an important aspect of PPC advertising campaigns; bids are put in place for desired keywords based on the competition by the ad management system, Cost per click is decided by these bids which can be manual bids or auto bids. One can plan his bids based on their budget and campaign requirements.

Not everything is full proof and PPC advertising is no exception, this model of advertising is vulnerable through click fraud where competitors click on advertisers’ links to consume their budget set for the day and partner search network web developers generate clicks on their web pages to increase their revenue. Automated systems are developed and put in place by Google, yahoo, Bing and others which monitor the clicks and guard against abusive clicks by competitors or corrupt web developers.

Arch Global Solutions is providing valuable SEO and PPC services to its clients, our PPC services include PPC Implementation, Optimization and Management , Creation and Implementation of Google AdWords(PPC) and Bing Ads Accounts, Keywords Research and Finalization, Copywriting for PPC Advertisements and banner Ads and Bid Management for PPC Advertisements. Our goal is to maximize you ROI and to get your business more customers. Please reach us to know more about our SEO and PPC management Services.

What is Social Media Optimization and its Importance?

With more and more people signing up on the big three social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and other niche social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr, social media is a go to place to get audience for marketing and promotional campaigns for businesses. With the advent of and popularity of new social media platforms, it is hard to ignore them as highly effective marketing tools.

Customers today are not just customers; they are much more than that, they are friends, associates, fans, critics, followers and lovers of your business. Thus as a business you need to recognize and connect with them as a friend, associate and fans. Strong and active social media presence is the only way you can do that. Social media optimization of your social profile allows you to connect with your customers and target audience with minimal effort and maximum results.

SMO or Social media optimization works on a principal of engaging customers and audience, giving them a feeling of being connected. A great fan following is the key to success for any brand, a good social media marketer keeps the audience interested and increase brand recognition and following. Social media optimized profiles are designed with content which is unique, interesting, innovative and informal. Fresh content like well-taken photos, professionally made videos and well-written blogs are posted in order to let people consume and share this content over and over again. Getting your audience genuinely interested, triggers a chain reaction which keeps bringing more and more hits to your social profile. SMO professionals design engaging and interesting social media campaigns, keeping their target audience in mind and convert audience into leads and leads into customers.

Participation in social media helps not only in promoting your brand and generate following but it also helps in increasing search engine ranking for your keywords, as social media participation is a major factor in the ranking algorithm for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The best part of social media marketing is the compatibility and openness these platforms offer, you can start an activity on Facebook or Google+ and tweet about it on twitter, you can post a video on YouTube and share it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social media also provides an alternative channel to communicate with your customers which is informal and indirect but very effective, a post on Facebook by a customer about bad experience can never go unnoticed and in the same way a tweet about great experience on customer service by a customer can bring many more. Your social profile has the power to bring or take away many potential customers.

It is no secret, and we are always advised, that, to increase our brand presence, we need to be active on as many as social media websites possible, having said that we certainly don’t need to be present on each and every social media platforms, but it is also true that without a dedicated team for social media campaigns, it is highly unproductive, time consuming and extremely difficult to maintain active presence on even fewer platforms.

If you want the most relevant audience and the best potential results, it’s important to engage someone who can design and execute an out of the box SMO strategy and can run a successful social media campaign for you.

Arch Global Solutions offer social media optimization solution and strategies which are innovative and out of the box. With a team of experienced SMO & SEO professionals, audio visual content creators, and writers, AGS is more than capable to provide you with all you Social Media Optimization needs, please feel free to reach us to plan a Social media strategy which will work for you.

What is SEO service and why is it important

The internet today is more important than ever, and most people access the internet because they want to search or research something. Billions of searches are processed by servers around the world; Google alone processes close to 50,000 searches every second!

So what is SEO?

Search engines process keywords entered by the user and display results based on relevancy and many other factors, the user can choose to open a specific page based on his or her judgement, so basically search engine generated results divert traffic to web pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps by putting your website or webpage in these results. Search engine optimization and positioning is a task to generate organic ranking for a website or webpage and making it more accessible on the Internet.

SEO is a challenging task. It’s not as simple as adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. The Scope of work in SEO services includes site optimization and allied web promotion & development activities. It involve submission of website to all major Search Engines and Directories, editing website content, HTML and associated coding in order to increase relevance to specific keywords and easy indexing of website on search engines, promoting website to increase the number of backlinks and inbound links and other SEO tactics. SEO is an art and a science, because it consist of applying creative techniques and an in-depth study of the search engines and directories.

Why it is Important?

Imagine people searching your business or products or services over the internet and while searching they run into a website of competitors offering similar products or services, they make a contact with them and buy from them, so a potential customer will go to a business with better online presence.

Potential customers search the internet not only for products and services, they also search about your capabilities as an organization and for views and reviews about you and your business, to make a wise business decision for themselves. Search engine optimization and positioning techniques helps your online destinations (web site and social media identity) to become more accessible and impressive to these searchers and thus help in generating traffic to your website. With the right SEO techniques and analysis you can convert this traffic into leads, if you can convert these leads into customers, you can only imagine the kind of business your website can generate for you!

Search engine optimized Internet presence is not an option, it’s a necessity. It is imperative for a business to have a strong online presence in the form of web site and social media identity, your online presence is a decisive factor which can make or break your overall marketing strategy.

Arch Global Solutions is committed to meeting the search engine optimization & positioning needs of your web site and proposes a campaign plan based on your unique needs. Our goal is to meet your Search Engine Optimization outsourcing needs thoroughly and professionally.

Financial benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing is a buzz word these days; it refers to getting non-core business functions performed by an outside, independent agency, individual or firm that internal employees might otherwise perform. Many organizations outsource jobs to specialized service companies, which frequently operate abroad.

It’s an interesting fact that economies around the world are fueled by outsourced services and products. Businesses in developed countries outsource their non-core functions to business in developing countries and get benefited by saving not only their costs, but also by getting the right talent, at reasonable costs to get their work done within realistic deadlines. Benefits of outsourcing are many, another additional benefit Outsourcing has is time difference. Since outsourced work is performed at offshore centers, businesses can run their back office operations even in hours when they are closed in their home time zone.

Though the benefits of outsourcing are many, the most compelling benefit is the financial benefit; Outsourcing enables business to work with lesser in-house staff, hence recruitment and operational costs are minimized to a great extent.

Financial benefits of outsourcing:

Reduced operating cost- Since the cost of living in the countries where business function are outsourced is low and a large pool of specialized talent is available, the cost of getting the work done is low as compared to developed countries, Thus bringing an overall benefit of reduced operating costs.

Savings on Increased productivity- Business process outsourcing companies have real time availability of specialized staff for specialized services such as medical data entry and financial data entry, these service provider employ this staff to get the work done in lesser cost and time and with better quality parameters; thus increasing overall productivity.

Savings on lesser turnaround time- Business process outsourcing centers around the world give their clients’ choice of desired hours of operations, this enable businesses to get the work done during and after working hours. Businesses now can utilize 24 hours in a day by employing outsourcing model in their business, which results in a lesser turnaround time.

Financial benefits of Outsourcing are not just for large businesses only, medium and small business can also benefit from outsourcing their non-core functions, in fact medium and small business with limited resources can greatly benefited, outsourcing companies give business access to a pool of talent available in developing countries at highly reasonable costs which medium and small business with limited resources can easily afford.

Some of the most common business functions outsourced are:

Back office:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Recruitment
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Technical/Customer Support


Information technology:

  • Software development
  • Mobile Apps development
  • Web development
  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • E-commerce related Services
  • Data Center Operations
  • Desktop and help desk support
  • Content Development


Data Entry:

  • Financial data entry
  • Research data entry
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Medical Forms Data Entry
  • Forms data Entry



  • Prototyping
  • Component production
  • Supply chain management


As a developing and expanding business you can also get benefited from outsourcing and make you competitive and cost effective as compared to your business competitors.

Arch Global Solutions is your tested and trusted business partner for outsourcing. With its multi shore delivery model, proven expertise and experience in Business Process outsourcing domain, Arch Global Solutions help you outsource your non-core functions and saves you from the risks and hassle involve in transitioning of business processes from onshore to offshore model.

Image Tagging

Image tagging is the digital image organizing process that is helpful in managing images online. This process is useful in facilitating the image searches in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. By carrying out image tagging, any user can filter the type of image they wish to appear in the search results.

Image Tagging Is A Key To Digital Marketing.

Image tagging encompasses other chief image organizing processes like Image Labelling and Image Description:

The image tagging is one among the important tools required to construct an e-commerce site and an online store. By enabling image tagging prospects, the online store manager will be able to let their visitors refine the search that works as a catalyst in sales conversion. Image tagging converts simple images as operative and efficient customer-facing resources and valuable assets that can be used, not just for search engine optimization (SEO) but also for the overall business growth.

Image Tagging – A Key To Online Business Development

Image tagging proves to be significant for e-commerce platforms, e-businesses and online stores to prosper. This service requires the usage of image tagging metaphors available today like Corel Snapfire, Google’s Picasa, Microsoft Digital Image,, Technorati to carry out image organizing services.

Various processes like and labelling photos with captions, folders, and ratings, are needed to successfully get done with the tagging process for images in a digital gallery

Functional areas such as newspaper archives, professional photography archives, image galleries of corporate companies, image galleries of online stores make use of image tagging on a regular basis. Apart from the archive, tagging proves to be essential in regular maintenance of websites too.

A digital photo organization through image tagging helps in managing photos online and retrieving old photos with ease. Image tagging service has become vital for the establishment and management of e-commerce solutions as the online stores require high end image tagging and labelling by making use of modernized software.

Contact AGS for all scales of image tagging projects and assignments both for digital media and online forums and also for image data saved in other storage modes such as CD, DVD, external storages and more. Why AGS for Image Tagging ?