How Transcription Services work.

Transcription is the conversion of spoken words from audio/video format into human readable text in the same language. The most common type of transcription is of Spoken words into Text, this transcribed text is provided in either human readable form or Computer readable files, or both. Files are provided in a printable format and can be printed as a document.

Voice Transcription Services

Transcription services are mostly needed for business, legal, and medical purposes. A transcription service provider mostly serves clients such as Medical Practitioners, Physicians, law firms, courts, government agencies, trade associations, meeting planners and nonprofits. These entities need to document their day to day activities, and transcription is a powerful tool which enables them in documenting them, be it proceedings of a court hearing, or a physician’s recorded voice notes, or the recorded proceedings and speeches or spoken content of a conferences or an event or a seminar etc. In rare cases movies are also transcribed to enable translation, and subtitling, etc. when the scripts and dialogues documents are not available. The most common and widely used transcription service is Medical Transcription.

Transcription service provider converts recorded speech into a written or electronic text document. The recorded content is sent to the service provider as an audio or video file. The service provider process these files and use them as input and generate text output with the help of Voice recognition engine (VRE) software and transcription experts and deliver the output to the client. However, the transcription life cycle is more complex than just inputting sound files and getting text output, it involves various steps, processes and checks in order to generate quality output free from errors.

Transcription is not an easy task as the core of this process is recorded spoken words which tend to be an imperfect data source. Recordings are not always done in an ideal environment and can have lot of background noise and other quality issues. Every human is unique, and has a unique voice, complemented by his unique style of speaking. And then we have different accents, and different pace of speaking.
Transcription software till today are not advance enough that they can give an error free outputs accounting all these imperfections in the sound file, thus the sound file need to be worked and the sound is filtered, equalized and the tempo is adjusted to get clarity. Even after neutralizing the sound file, the VRE software cannot guarantee an error free output and thus need proof reading. This proof reading of output is done by subject matter experts. These experts go through the speech and proof read the output and correct the errors. In theory this output is now error free, however this is still audited by a second look team before being delivered to client.

Sometimes, there are recordings which VREs cannot process and are beyond their limitations of intelligence; these recordings needed to be transcribed manually. Transcription experts process these recordings manually and are audited by second look team before being delivered to client.

Transcription help business and individuals untangle and simplify their record-keeping. Thus give them a boost in overall productivity and help preventing mistakes and ensure accuracy in day to day tasks.

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