How PPC campaigns can help a company’s marketing efforts?

With ever changing algorithms for keyword search results and increasing competition for high ranking keywords in organic search rankings, it’s becoming more and more difficult to put your webpage among the top 10 organic search results. Generating favorable organic search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a good and advisable, however it takes lot of time and efforts to make it to the top in organic search results, so if you are in need of instant visibility among target audience, PPC campaigns are the only effective solution. Major Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo serve these PPC Advertisements to their users along with the organic search results, these ads are also served on the partner network of popular websites and blogs. The beauty of PPC campaigns is that they put you straight on the top from the very first day of your campaign.

Google offers their PPC advertisement service through “Google AdWords” and Yahoo and Microsoft offer PPC services through “Bing Ads”. PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns help in showcasing your website to target audience and getting traffic on your website, with more and more advanced tools provided by advertising networks one can customize and manage their ad campaigns based on their preference. Starting from choosing keywords, one can choose when to show advertisements (time), where to show them (locations) and who should see and who should not see them (negative keyword filtering). Ad impressions are based on daily budget and preferences; one can plan their campaign and budget and can make optimum use of it.

Businesses of any size can use PPC campaigns to increase their reach and penetration among internet users searching for their products and services, with right strategy and optimum use of options and tools provided in the Campaign control panel, business can tap opportunities which otherwise will be lost while waiting for the results of their efforts in organic marketing. PPC campaigns can do wonders if run along the SEO initiatives, together PPC and SEO is a combination which always works.

A Business can run both Text and Banner Ads through these PPC campaigns. Banner Ads are always helpful in creating brand recognition and can create a brand recall on any media, when these banner Ads are served through PPC campaigns, they create high brand recall value on very little cost. Recent studies in internet marketing trends showed that PPC advertising has a high recall value among internet users, though not every user click on the advertisements shown but they do see banner ads and thus creating a brand value among consumers.

Keyword bidding is an important aspect of PPC advertising campaigns; bids are put in place for desired keywords based on the competition by the ad management system, Cost per click is decided by these bids which can be manual bids or auto bids. One can plan his bids based on their budget and campaign requirements.

Not everything is full proof and PPC advertising is no exception, this model of advertising is vulnerable through click fraud where competitors click on advertisers’ links to consume their budget set for the day and partner search network web developers generate clicks on their web pages to increase their revenue. Automated systems are developed and put in place by Google, yahoo, Bing and others which monitor the clicks and guard against abusive clicks by competitors or corrupt web developers.

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