E-Publishing Company

As computer literacy improves around the world, more people are using computers for their daily tasks. Computers are now being widely used for literature. More writers are choosing to publish their work in electronic format than on paper. This is because e-publishing is opening avenues to writers that were once closed. It is now easier to distribute e-books, it is cheaper to publish the books, and the writers have a greater audience.

E-publishing services will open a whole new world to you as an author. However, you must be careful and ensure that you choose the right services to publish your work. Just like a regular publishing firm, an e-publishing company will provide you with a contract. It is important to go through this contract and ensure that it is fair to you. You should look for clauses in the contract that govern loyalties and rights. Find out what royalties you will be getting and if there are any bonuses. What rights does your publisher have over the work and what are your rights after signing the contract?

Find out what format the e-publishing services are willing to provide. It is important for you to learn about the different formats available for e-books and determine which is best for you and your readers. Ensure that you sign up with a publisher that provides the formats that you are interested in. Find out about any artwork or photos that will be included in the book as well as the assignment of ISBN numbers.

The e-publishing services should also be able to cater for your readers who prefer to have paperbacks as opposed to reading e-books. The publisher should therefore be able to offer you a print on demand service. This service will provide printed copies to the readers who prefer a paperback copy of your book. This will ensure that you reach a greater audience and do not leave anyone out.

Some e-publishing services will print your book as is. This means that they will not do any proof reading of the text or editing. Other services will provide these services at an additional fee. It is important to find out the company’s policy on this front. Are they willing to provide editing and proof reading services without charging an additional fee?

Ensure that you hire a firm that shares your vision for your book. This will ensure that your book reaches its greatest potential.