E-Publishing Solutions & Services

Arch Global Solutions offers E-Publishing solutions for companies and publishers. We can take your information and format it to be published online, emailed, uploaded to a SFTP site, Copied to CD, or in a file format compatible with handheld electronic readers. We provide our E-Publishing services as a way to save money and time. Our E-Publishing service can be completed either in the USA or at one of our offshore facilities.

AGS’ web publishing services include Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign, PDF, Pagemaker and MS Word document conversion into digital formats like HTML, EPUB, PDF profile, Website Pages and Flash Digital versions. Arch Global Solutions build processes that are designed with you in mind. Our services proved quality services that save you time and money.

Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Our customers enjoy personalized attention and customer service, the lowest prices in the industry and accuracy rates of 99.995%.

Book to e-Book Conversion

AGS’ Book to E-Book conversion services allows printed books to be converted into an electric format. Our conversion service helps converts your documents such as MS Word and HTML formats in to Microsoft Reader and Adobe Reader.

E-Publishing Advantages:

  • E-publishing is Lower investment cost than traditional publishing methods.
  • Faster publishing time for manuscripts. AGS’ turn times are some of the fastest in the industry. Why wait years for traditional publishing, when you can receive your work back in a fraction of the time.
  • The ability to update text easily and at a low cost. This is particularly true for projects related to fast changing industries such as computer and programming.
  • Books published electronically have an ISBN number, just like printed books.
  • Greater flexibility. E-Publishing allows the writer to be in control of what is published instead of the publishing company. In many cases traditional publishers will try and force changes without consideration to the vision of the writer. Our services are designed to let the authors have more input.
  • With e-publishing writers normally retain all other rights to the work, such as the option to go to a paper publisher later, adapt a screenplay, or use the work in some other capacity. Paper publishers, on the other hand, tend to covet as many rights as possible from the writer in the initial boilerplate contract.

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