Don’t Forget the Middle Man

There is no doubt why companies choose to outsource their data entry work, the cost saving advantages draws us all to it. A somewhat disturbing trend among companies wishing to outsource, is the direct to offshore philosophy. The thought process behind this is that a company can save even more money if they bypass the professional domestic data entry resource  ”middle man” and send work directly to a vendor overseas. There are a few points of concerns to keep in mind when considering this option.

Finding an honest offshore vendor can be difficult and potentially very costly. There are numerous companies offshore ready and willing to work on your projects, but what do you really know about them? Are they really who they say they are? Do they have the experience you need them to have?  Are they trust worthy? From years of experience I have learned that most offshore providers are not what they seem to be. In-fact  it takes numerous data test, conversations, and extensive due diligence to find a quality provider. Unless you have unlimited free time and global connections, finding a good offshore provider without help can be not only costly, but potentially devastating.

A factor many companies fail to take into consideration is the ability to communicate effectively with offshore personnel. When dealing with workers in foreign countries, one must remember to take in to consideration factors such as cultural and language differences, religious, economic and political views, as well general rules of etiquette. If you have little or no experience in this area you run an increased risk of receiving poor results or worse hurting your company’s reputation. Utilizing a domestic presence to work between your company and the offshore vendor can remove these issues and help keep your projects running smooth.

As I mentioned earlier, direct to offshore can actually be more costly than you think. While you may have a very large project or several projects, you will never be able to match the volumes provided to these offshore companies by the professional domestic outsourcing companies. Like most products in the world the continuous large volumes of work a professional domestic outsourcing company provides to offshore vendors allows them to negotiate pricing that is rarely available to anyone else.

There are many great vendors offshore, but finding them can be almost impossible. Take a moment and consider using a domestic professional outsourcing company, you can save money, time and your sanity.

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