Document Preparation Services

The talented and efficient clerical team at AGS can help your company save time and money as well improves the final results of all your data processing projects. Our large clerical team can provide both front and back end clerical services all designed to make your life easier.

Front End Clerical Services:

  • Document organizing
  • Checking for duplicates
  • Removal of various binding types
  • Sorting
  • Batching
  • Auditing
  • Removal of unwanted items such as staples, paper clips or miscellaneous notes


Back End Clerical Services:

  • Quality checks
  • Re-assembly back to original shipping condition
  • Delivery preparation
  • Secure Document destruction

AGS can create a clerical process to meet any need you may have. The goal of our clerical team is to help make your projects a huge success. Contact us today for more information or to learn about our document preparation pricing.

Legal Document Preparation Services

Arch Global Solutions also provide legal document preparation services for all your non-attorney legal document preparation needs. While you get involved in charge of any legal matter, the experienced legal document preparation services come in handy in reducing your expenses and time spent in document preparation. We deal with both general legal information and also provide knowledgeable assistance for legal document preparation from end-to-end.

With the motto of offering our clients the finest, accurate and most efficient document preparation service our expert and registered professional work towards both front end and back end legal document preparation processes.

AGS is recognized by clients all over the world for its accessible, affordable, fast, accurate, and friendly legal document preparation services in which our expert team will walk with from the consultation phase till signing of the documents.

Our document preparation services are customizable and they prove to be valid in almost all nationalities as we stick to the legal terms of our client’s nationality every time. The delivery of finished document can either be done by mailing or by handing over in person based on the requirement.

Please call, email and contact us to avail AGS’s most demanding legal document preparation services that you require to get done with your documentation objectives.